About Us

About English Zone

English Zone is an Egyptian academy established in 2015 to provide English courses with affordable prices and excellent services with different methodology through visual learning and simulations that represent real-life situations.

English Zone Mission

EZ provides English courses with perfect service in a positive atmosphere and friendly staff.
with creative and unique methods which meets the customer individual needs and develop his ESL skills in addition to enhancing his communication and presentation skills

EZ provides developed teaching methodology through visual learning and simulations represent real life situations.

EZ provides developed teaching methodology through visual learning and simulations represent real life situations.

EZ builds culture of leadership, lifelong learning to all customers through sharing online videos about learning English.

English Zone Vision

Our vision to be innovative providers of education, recognized as the leading English Academy in the Middle East teaching English with perfect service quality.

English Zone Core Values


We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency


We conduct all of our activities and business ethically and we expect all of our members and staff to hold high level of ethical standards in all their activities


  • • We inspire others and continuously seek innovative methods of learning English.
  • • No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners and our customers.

Team spirit

    • • We work together as one team
    • • We help our colleagues to grow personally and professionally
    • • We work hard and have fun in what we do.
    • • About the Founder of English zone

Customer focus

  • • We build lasting relationships with our clients
  • • We create value for our clients
  • • We provide them with the best talent on time


Who is Mai Gamal

Mai Gamal is a certified English language trainer by Cambridge University,  and the Founder of English Zone, a leading provider of English language services. Gamal uses different methodologies to teach English, including visual learning and simulations representing real-life situations.

Mai also uses her multi-tasking and presentation skills to create video tutorials that have reached over 1000 students online from across the world since 2015. Throughout her four years of experience, Gamal has provided English conversation classes for over 5,000 students at various learning centres.

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